About Me

Adaptable cybersecurity professional with 10+ years of experience in threat analysis and program development. Expertise in intelligence production, maturing security programs, and proactively safeguarding cyber infrastructure for large organizations.

What I do

📊 Threat Intelligence Analysis: Analyze raw collections and finished reporting to deliver actionable business intelligence derived from threat data.🤝 Customer Success: Work with clients to meet their intelligence needs. Ensure programs and services align with expectations, providing the best possible solution for each customer.🧠 Thought Leadership: Look for ways to drive internal efficiency, increase collaboration, and achieve innovation to ensure mission success.🔒 Security Champion: Equip cybersecurity leaders with the tools and knowledge to help strive for a mature, proactive security approach.

Education & Certs

Master’s of Professional Studies in Cybersecurity
University of Maryland Baltimore County
Certified Information Systems Security Professional - CISSP
Continuous Monitoring - GMON
Security Essentials - GSEC

Current Focus

  • Principal Analyst & Program Manager at Google (Mandiant).

  • Continue teaching by supporting UMBC's Cybersecurity program.

  • Diamond rank in Age of Empires 4 by end of 2024.

  • Volunteer for more community projects.

Key Achievements

  • Started a Phishing Defense service line and led threat intelligence at Kivu Consulting.

  • Fostered growth and intelligence transformation at Cofense.

  • Established threat intelligence programs at Unisys.

  • Hunted gray-space adversaries and supported cyber warfighters in the U.S. Army.



General Volunteer
American Red Cross
[2012 - Present]
Support to Central Maryland Board
American Red Cross
[2020 - 2021]
Service to Armed Forces
American Red Cross
[2019 - 2021]
[2017 - 2022]
- Providing SMBs and non-profits with threat intelligence and analysis support
[2020 - 2022]
- Cybersecurity educational resources portal